Price Guide for Removing Nuisance Squirrels

How Much Does It Cost For Squirrel Removal From An Attic?

What is the cost of squirrel removal? Many people don’t realize that squirrels are just as common as dogs or cats in the United States. Although they don’t have the upper-body strength of larger animals like dogs or cats, squirrels can still maneuver through the typical doorways found in most houses. This is why it isn’t as costly or time-consuming to properly squirrel proof a house as it is to attempt to remove all the wildlife yourself. Most people do not have a problem with squirrels because they do not cause damage or make a mess like some larger wild creatures.

The average method of eliminating squirrels in a house is usually through prevention and relocation. The average national cost ranges from about $250 to more than $500, and many homeowners pay well over $ 350 for this procedure. If it’s simply a question of trapping the squirrels where they are, then the cost would be less than half of what a professional service might charge. In addition, there are numerous techniques that are used to trap and relocate squirrels; if you have knowledge about these methods, then you should be able to use them with ease.

Squirrel Proofing and Exclusion

The most common way of preventing squirrels from entering or remaining in a house is by properly closing off the outside areas on which they will enter or remain. You must make sure that there are no gaps or openings where the animal can maneuver around. For example, if you have gaps in the lattice between two portions of your roof, then the squirrel cannot simply pry it open and climb inside. If you close these spaces off, you won’t have to worry about squirrel removal. Similarly, if you have a hole in your home’s ceiling, then you should not simply repair this hole and place caulking all around it. This is because the hole will allow squirrels to enter your home or escape from it.

Squirrel Deterrents and Repellents

When it comes to effective squirrel removal, there are some methods that cost less than others. These costs include any bait or catch that you use for the process. Many people simply saturate the leaves and branches of a tree with a substance such as seed coat or insecticide. Although this often does not cost much, it may be rather harmful to surrounding animals and humans. If you don’t want to harm your neighbors, you may want to consider something other than this method.

Squirrel Traps

The cost of squirrel removal can also take into consideration the type of cage or shelter you have available for the squirrel. If you have a large cage with bars, then you can simply cut holes in the bars and let the animal free. For smaller cages, you can create multiple holes in the bars and let the squirrel slide through. Some of these methods may seem a bit cruel, but if you don’t want to hurt the animal, then you should try this method. Also, this will probably be less costly than buying a larger cage for squirrels.

There are other methods that are a bit more humane, but cost a little more money. One of these methods is putting a squirrel cage on top of a tree stump. Although this will prevent squirrels from being able to access the ground, it will keep them out of the reach of any pets or children. Another cost of squirrel removal that you will have to consider is the cost of hiring professionals to euthanize the squirrel. Even though you can buy a quick kill kit at your local hardware store, using this method may not be the best option because some people are against using these methods to euthanize animals.

Squirrel Prevention

Once you have determined the cost of squirrel removal, you need to start looking at how to prevent squirrel problems in the first place. One of the best ways is to have a squirrel friendly landscape and avoid attracting more squirrels by placing bird feeders or bird baths near your property. Also, make sure your trees and bushes are spaced properly and provide ample food and water sources for squirrels. Finally, plant some fruit trees and bushes around your property, as these will help squirrel feeders become less of a temptation.